Support & FAQ

FAQ for Shoppers

1When does the program start?
The app is up and running!
2How do I get started?
The first step is to download the app to your phone or device. Then follow the simple prompts to send in pictures of your receipts and get entered to win the weekly drawing for a $50 BLBL gift card.
3What kind of device do I need?
The app will work on most iOS or Android devices.
4What if I don’t have a smartphone?
Just stop by either of the Chamber offices with your receipts and we’ll get you entered.
5Who can participate? Do I have to be a certain age or a resident of Marquette County?
Anyone 18 years or older can take part, no matter where they live.
6How do I know what stores are participating?
There is a list of all BLBL businesses on both the app and the website. You can also view the list here. Also, look for the BLBL decal on store windows/doors.
7Where can I buy the BLBL gift cards?
BLBL Gift Cards will be available the first week of December and can be purchased at the Marquette Food Co-op or either of the Chamber offices .
8Someone gave me a gift card! Where can I use it?
The card can be used like any other Visa/Mastercard gift card. Spend it all at once, or spread the love around. See the directory in the app or on the website for participating businesses.
9How do I know if I’ve won? And if not me, then who?
Drawing will be held every Friday for the previous week. Winners will be notified directly after the drawing and there will be a list of the winners on social media and the website. You can pick up their gift card at the Chamber office, or we can mail it to you.
10Can businesses see my personal information?
Absolutely not. Personal information is not shared. We do share purchase information but we do not share any personal details.
11What if I lose my receipt, or didn’t get one? Does it still count?
While a receipt is preferred, we know it’s easy to lose those little scraps of paper. In that case, just snap a pic of your purchase (in the bag, on the plate, in front of the store), and send that in. While creativity won’t get you bonus points or an extra entry, it’ll sure make our day brighter.

FAQ for Businesses

1How do I sign up?
Joining costs just $20/month and it can be automated so you never have to think about it! Click here to answer a few simple questions, and you’re all set.
2How do BLBL gift cards work?
Customers use the BLBL gift card as they would any Visa/Mastercard gift card. The unique thing about these cards, though, is that they will work only at participating businesses. They cannot be redeemed anywhere else, keeping the money in our local economy.
3Do I have to sell the gift cards?
BLBL Gift Cards can be purchased at the Marquette Food Co-op (502 W. Washington, Marquette; open daily 8:00 am to 10:00 pm)), or either of the Chamber offices. You will not have to handle any sales of the gift card itself.
4Do I have to change or add any technology to accept the gift cards?
No! The card works with your current credit card processing equipment.
5What are push notifications and how do they work?
Push notifications are a messaging feature within the mobile app. You will have the ability to send messages to app users about events, sales and anything else you might want them to know.
6Do I or my staff need to learn anything to use the program? Do I need any new technology or devices?
There’s no training necessary or special equipment to buy. To get you started, a Chamber representative will stop by and “activate” your credit card terminal so that it can accept BLBL gift cards. After that, the gift card will work like any other credit card. Activation only takes a minute, and will not disrupt your business. You may be asked by customers how to use the program. You can simply direct them to the downloadable mobile app and the instructions will be within it.
7Who can participate?
Businesses (retail, service, or non-profit) are eligible to participate if at least 51% owned of ownership resides in Marquette County, and all marketing/business decisions are made by the ownership.
8Who do I contact if I have questions or need help? What if a card isn’t working?
The Marquette Chamber of Commerce, or the Greater Ishpeming – Negaunee Chamber can help with any question that you may have. Christian Verardi, Board President, Marquette Chamber of Commerce at, 906.225.1693 OR Bob Hendrickson, Executive Director, Greater Ishpeming – Negaunee Area Chamber of Commerce at, 906.486.1111